Investment & Developments

Investment relating to property is essentially the acquiring of real estate with the expectation of obtaining additional income or profit.

The careful selection and location of your investment property will influence the gains potential, return and occupancy rate that will be achieved.

Corinthian Constructions are specialists in the field of property investments, from selecting a site to designing a single investment home to a multi-unit complex or commercial development.

We strongly recommended that you consult with your accountant or financial adviser as a first step.

Property Development can be daunting we can take your idea and manage the complete process from site selection, feasibility, finance, architecturals, town planning, engineering etc… to handing you the keys to your development.

At Corinthian we can assist in starting or building your existing portfolio, it begins with a meeting in which we can discuss options and come up with a proposal that meets your requirement and budget.

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