New Homes

At Corinthian Constructions we are not about volume, we do not have the overheads of the large project builders, however we do have the buying power. It does not cost any extra to have your home custom designed, we do not believe in the adage of one size fits all, a home should be designed around your needs. Each home is individually designed, the earlier that we become involved in the building process, commencing with site selection, the more cost and energy efficient it can be designed.

Designing for these efficiencies can govern the layout, it is important to select your site carefully. Each family has their own lifestyle and particular requirements, a single person or a couple will have different priorities as do a young or teenage family.

If you have not yet selected your home site we can assist ensuring that you have a block that will suit the home you desire. After the site is selected and an understanding of the clients requirements are identified a building design concept and a detailed proposal is presented.

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