Renovating can have its benefits if you can live with a team of builders for a period; some people choose to move out while renovations are undertaken. Although renovating costs more than building new, one does not incur the costs of selling, buying, relocating, establishing gardens, sheds and many other costs that add up. Existing houses in established suburbs are usually positioned in convenient locations close to amenities, services, schools, entertainment and employment.


As with building new, it is best to contact an experienced master builder to provide guidance and advice from the outset, on such items as building cost and how to assess the market value of the property before and after the renovations are undertaken. An experienced builder can find cost efficiency by  correct structural and architectural design and finishes, thus minimizing the cost of the project.


At Corinthian Constructions you can benefit from our many years of property development and construction experience. It costs nothing to invite us to your home to discuss your dream, that is except for a cup of coffee.


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